5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Painting A Metal Roof

Painting the roof is important. However, most homeowners make certain mistakes, which can actually threaten the structure of the roof. If you want to ensure that these errors are not repeated when you undertake the endeavor, it is better to keep the following points in mind. Keep reading to know more.

#1 Using Leftover Paint

Oftentimes, homeowners resort to using leftover paints from the rest of the house on the roof. This is wrong because the material used to construct the roof is not as same as that of the house. There are special paints available especially for metal roofs. The quality of this paint is spectacularly different from the others; these paints need to be heat resistant, water resistant, and even pest resistant. Using the right paint will ensure that the roof stays in top condition, rather a wrong one, which can potentially harm the same.

#2 Skipping The Use Of Sealants

Before the paint is applied, sealants have to be applied on the metal roof. The reason is simple- without a sealant; the paint will start peeling off rather fast. Just as the name suggests, sealant seals the paint to the roof. Most sealants come with chemical bonding techniques, which work together with the paint and give it a longer life. However, it is better to do some research about the sealant that is being used for different types containing different ingredients. The paint and the sealant should complement each other. It is better to seek assistance from roof painting-based companies before finalizing a particular item.

#3 Using A Paint That Is Not Energy Efficient

Good paint contains polymeric materials like acrylic and titanium dioxide. This particular type of paint is thicker than the standard ones and the specific contents make the paint both reflective and opaque. A metal roof can get extreme, which means that it can absorb a lot of sun rays and heat the entire house. When energy-efficient paint is used, they reflect the sunlight, keeping the house cool in the process, reducing the need for air conditioners, thus saving energy. These paints are also extremely effective against leaks for water can find difficult penetrating them for their opaque nature.

#4 Using The Wrong Application Method

There is a particular way in which paint has to be applied on a metal roof. The process begins with cleaning the roof and repairing it, followed by applying the sealant. Once it is dry, the first coat of paint is applied. After it dries off completely, the second layer has to be applied. It might sound easy, but when performing the procedure, you will realize the sheer difficulty and challenges the process puts forth. You need to be careful for accidents are common. Again, there is a possibility that you might apply too much paint or too little for that matter. Hence, it is always a smarter move to get professional help. Roof painting companies are offering their best painting services.

#5 Not Paying Attention To The Roof After

Homeowners make a striking mistake by not paying attention to the roof once the painting process is complete. Even after the painting process is complete, cleaning up the roof with a mixture of bleach, liquid detergent, and water once every six months is extremely important. Also, once a month, the debris needs to be cleaned. Dead leaves and branches should be moved to ensure the smooth working of the gutter. If frequent inspection is held, not only the paint but even the roof will last longer by four to five years.

Hence, the next time to take up the procedure to clean the roof, make sure that these mistakes are avoided. Roof painting cost is cheap and affordable when performed by experts. They charge a nominal amount to complete the work. Register for their services today and give your roof a new look and life.


By Painting Contractors Calgary