College Student Painters in Calgary, AB – Good or Not?

When you’re not in the position to hire a professional painter, consider hiring a college student to paint your home. College students are often looking for extra income, so it’s easy to find one who is interested in painting your home for a few hours or days at a time. They are also more likely to accept lower wages than an experienced professional painter, which can save you money on the project. You can also provide tools for painters that will make it easier for them to paint faster with less effort. This way you can support college students financially.

Many people believe that hiring student painters would be a smart move for their home renovation or decoration. However, in reality, hiring someone who is still in the learning phase is more of a disadvantage. Painting is a skill that students are not taught. Yet, they are still expected to be able to paint the walls of rental properties. With painting jobs becoming more difficult, there are fewer painters available.

College students are not your best home painters because they do not have the training and experience required to do a good job. A good painter needs experience and should know all the tricks of the trade. College students don’t have this knowledge and would rather hire professional painters who can provide them with a better service for a more reasonable price.

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How do College Student Painting Companies in Calgary Operate?

College student painters is a business model that rents out college students to paint homes, apartments, and other real estate properties. The company hires college-aged students to work on these properties and offers them flexible hours and competitive pay.

The business model of College Student Painters is simple: find people who will do the job for less than minimum wage.


Why no to College Student Painters?

No college painters is a cause of concern for many organizations in Canada. In this situation, it is imperative that we find out the reasons and try to find solutions for this problem.

College or University student painters are not a good idea for house painting because they will most likely not do the job right. College students don’t have enough experience in painting and can’t be trusted to do the job well. They lack safety training, so their quality of work and safety standards are not up to the mark.


We’re not against Calgary’s College Student Painters

We’re saying this not because they’re college or university students but because they are relatively inexperienced. We know it’s tough to find good painters which are why we want to offer you this opportunity. These kids are ready for hard work and eager to get their job done.

Our company is not against employing or training college graduates. Our company often employs and trains young people so they can learn the trade and we pay them an average wage while giving them valuable experience. The only difference is that our employees undertake the proper course.

These days it’s difficult to find a decent painter. In order to help you out, we’ve come up with a solution. We will offer you a painting service at a reasonable price.

Painters Calgary provides professional painting services at a great price. Let our team take care of your home and give it the appearance it deserves! We’ll call you to discuss the details and come up with a plan that suits your needs best.

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