Cost of Painting a 1200 Square Foot Interior House

If you live in a 1200-square-foot home and want a change from your current design, then you have come to the right place. A paint job for the interior of your home requires a lot of planning and research. If you live in a 1200-square-foot home, you might think that the size of your home is less than average, but that is not the case. Before hiring a painting company to do the job successfully and for you to get the best financial deal for the interior design makeover that you crave, you should consider several perspectives.


Price Range for Your 1200 square foot Interior Home

1. Painting a wall with an 8 to 9 ft ceiling costs $2 to $3 per square foot with normal prep, cost should be on the lower side, skin plastering and taping will cost more, and 1200 square feet would be around $2500-$2700, $3600 as the high for the walls.

2. Trim and Doors painting costs $.75-$1.75 per square foot would start at $900 to $1800- $1900.

3. Ceilings can be as high as $1500 for a 1200 square fee with the rate of $0.75 to $1.75, depending on how high the ceilings are, how high the hallways are, and other factors.

4. Closets: $75 for a small closest and $150 for walk-in closes.

5. In total it will cost $5500 to $7000 to paint a 1200 sq foot interior


Reasons that can affect the price for your 1200 square feet Interior:

  • Keeping furniture out of sight and out of mind will help lower your price since it will be less of a problem for the painters.
  • Having a shorter deadline will spike the price up, try to negotiate a reasonable time frame for your chosen paint company, 1-2 weeks is recommended.
  • Summer is the time of year when you will get a better price and winter is when you have to pay the bills for the employer.
  • If you want to paint 2 bedrooms in a 1200 square foot house, it will be a lot more expensive because of the setup fee, administrative fee, and the number of employees involved, more employees will have a better price.
  • 4-5 is the maximum, 1-2 is the lower end and anything higher than 5 will cost more.
    Paints from top-of-the-line brands are worth the cost as it will take less time to work resulting from the lower labor cost.
  • Old houses painted in the 80s or 90s need heavy prep work. They are most likely painted with oil paints but latex is now the trend nowadays. Also prepping plastered walls is more hassle than drywall.
  • Painting newly constructed or renovated homes cost more than repainting even its same 1200 sq ft.
    If there are a lot of heights involved, wallpaper removal, insolation, spraying, and anything else that is not conventional from brush and roll will cost more.


How long should it take to paint the interior of a house?

A job for 1200 square feet should take no more than a week and a maximum of 10 days, most painters have 2 painters in their crews.

Quality is more important than quantity, so make sure they don’t rush the job with more painters.

When you need a job done for two or three days in a hurry, most paint companies will have extra painters on hand to come in and help out.

Mistakes are more frequent with more crew members, so try to avoid a one-day job.

If you reside in Calgary and need some help figuring out the interior painting costs per square foot, don’t hesitate to call us! We will help you pick the colors you want and show you the latest painting and home renovation trends. Our interior painting services with the best pro painters have been around now for over 15 years. Call (587) 328-7686 or email for a FREE quote for your home painting needs. Our Calgary painting contractor can help you will all the painting services you need.

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