How We Do Roof Painting And Waterproofing? (Our Process)

Do you know roof of the house is very helpful, your house and even yourself? Imagine how your house looks without good roofing or uncolored roofs and compare to the house of your neighbors. That’s why your roof needs to be painted.

Roof Painting improves the visual appearance of your house or building. In some cases, it can also increase the longevity of the underlining roof material.

Benefits of Roof Painting:

1. Saves your money:

Instead of replacing or renewing the roof, if you paint it, saves your money by three times.

2. Increases roof life:

If you hire a professional contractor to paint, your roof life can be longer than new. But if you use the better quality paint its even best.

2. Reduces energy consumption

Besides extending the roof life, they can decrease the temperature and energy consumption during the day by reducing the amount of load taken by the HVAC system.

4. Aesthetic improvements

If you have a metal roof that is worn out and shows signs of prefinished areas, they can be repaired with the wonderful coating. As objected to traditional coating system which is entirely ineffective in restoring the roof, the latest procedure consists of Kynar pigments which help to reconstruct the roof to an aesthetically pleasing condition.

This Is how we paint roofs?


  1. Paint Brush, Roller
  2. Spray Paint Machine
  3. Wire brush
  4. Safety gear
  5. Primer
  6. Ladder
  7. Power washer


Roof Painting is like painting anything: It is all in the preparation work. This is particularly true for roofs which get exposed to all the elements and pollution, including moss and lichen.

Firstly, we prepare by pressure washing the roof with the high-pressure washer and make sure it is totally clean. We use the pressure washer to speed up our working speed, but you can also use hose and broom.

Particular care and knowledge are required when preparing. We check all around the roofs either it is cracked or not (especially for the tiled roof). If it is cracked first thing we do is replace and install new one or you can use mortar to cover and replacing damaged tiles or sheets, replacing flashing, replacing rusty roof screws, etc. before we use a pressure washing machine to clean the roof. Make sure the mortar is dry before painting.

Then in the second step, we again make sure roof is clean. We then tape off and mask all parts of the roof and adjoining areas not to be painted also to make cleaner we use degreaser and start to paint with the primer. This is a painstaking task but needs to be completed accurately to bypass over-spraying on cladding, bricks, gutters or other parts of the building not intended for being painted.

Then we paint with enamel or any other color of your choice. For some its best to paint with water-based colors.
We apply the coatings for at least two times; it depends on how it looks and your requirement. We mostly use a brush to paint or spray machine (for tiled). Use water-based paint but if your roof has lost most of its color, apply a thick coating of sealer first.

We use and recommend you to use the high-quality paints that last for a long time and suggest you look at the quality than the cheap costs.

Roof  Waterproofing:

This provides extra care and extra benefits to it though it costs a bit more.

You can do it the same as how we do:

  1. Make sure the roof surface is clean and dry and loose or flaking paint is removed.
  2. Apply an unthinned coat of quality roof seal to the roof surface to be waterproofed.
  3. Immediately embed Waterproofing Membrane into the wet coat of the roof seal
  4. Immediately apply another coat of Roofseal over the embedded membrane.
  5. Allow 48 hours to dry and, if required, finish with a coat of UV-resistant water-based acrylic roof coating with Infrared reflective technology.

Repainting vs Replacing:

Nat from Roofers Edmonton says “Replacing roofs cost 3 times more work and money than repainting them. Painting save your money and time. But in some cases, like if your roof is out-of-date or fully damaged we suggest you replace it but protect it with few coats of paint. This can make the life of the roof longer.”

Some Painting Tips:

Here are some of the tips to paint like a pro:

  1. Use energy-efficient paint: No need for any reason for this.
  2. Make sure you can get down from the roof without walking over wet paint.
  3. Don’t use leftover colors, use roof-specific coatings (especially for metal roofs).
  4. Don’t forget to use sealant.
  5. Don’t use an airless spray gun on a windy day because paint can be blown away.
  6. Don’t paint when it’s raining and if it’s going to be hot, start early.
  7. Don’t forget to clean; you can use a power washer.
  8. Don’t paint until the primer dries.

The roof painting is not an easy job. So we suggest you start doing with the professionals who have all the required tools or do it yourself and the following are the tips to be safe:

  1. Don’t work alone on the roof
  2. Wear sturdy shoes or boots safety glasses and a hardhat
  3. Make sure the ladder is on a solid, level surface
  4. Wear a safety harness that’s tied to something sturdy.

Some may prefer to paint their home’s roof themselves to save the money but at the meantime it’s not safe. While it’s possible to complete this job without professional help, there are a number of benefits to hiring a professional to do it.

  1. No need to spend money on the purchase of equipment that you won’t use frequently.
  2. You’ll save time, and you’ll avoid work that can be dangerous without the proper equipment and training.
  3. It would be more high-quality work with the tools than hand and that satisfies you.

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By Painting Contractors Calgary