Luxury Exterior Home Painting Calgary Residents Appreciate

Why do so many Calgary luxury homeowners contact our Calgary painting company but not one that is located in their own hometown?

The answer, in part, is our unique “Savings Through Maintenance” program, which we started more than a decade ago, and which has proven to be a tremendous success not only in Calgary, but across Airdrie, Rocky View, Langdon, Canmore.

I’ll explain the program in a moment, but before I do please have a brief look at some of the exterior home painting projects we have open right now in Calgary.

As most of our clients are well aware, our “Savings Through Maintenance” program is simple: If you allow us to perform regular maintenance on your home, it enables us to cut the cost of painting your home in half!

Why wait until your home becomes an eyesore? Or until some of the wood becomes rotted and needs to be replaced?

Obviously keeping up with regular maintenance is a wise decision―rather than waiting until your house needs to be fully repainted and partly restored.


How Does It Work?

To begin with, you should rest assured that our regular maintenance does not involve much work, time or effort on your part.

We usually recommend that once annually your house be rinsed off with a power wash treatment. This is a light bleach and water solution that will rid the exterior of your home of all dirt, grime and mildew. This type of exterior house wash will also remove loose paint chips and insect debris.

After the wash, we walk around your home with you to see what touch-ups need to be done (i.e., not just painting, but things like recaulking of column bases, and so on).

During this walk-through, we will check your house from the roof to the foundation and give our recommendations that we feel are needed to keep your house looking fresh and brand new. Our analysis is very thorough; we will inspect the exterior for rotten wood boards, algae growth, mildew spores, damp surface areas and more. We will recommend affected areas be treated, repaired or replaced.


How Are Savings Achieved?

At the end of the walk-through we will likely recommend a light sand and top coat―and this is a far lesser expense than waiting until the damage has already been done. You see, by waiting until the damage is done, we will then have to engage in the more complex and time-consuming process of having to scrape the entire house, fill in where needed, heavily sand the problem spots, prime the house, and top coat the entire house.

By not having regular maintenance performed annually, our job is more extensive and the cost is greater when you are ready to paint.

Over the past decade, savvy residents are increasingly finding our “Savings Through Maintenance” program to be the smart solution for them. Not only does it save you money, but it will keep your home looking brand new all the time!

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We have the manpower and technical expertise, as well as the passion and desire to undertake projects of any size, and we specialize in interior and exterior home painting.

With over 10 years of integrity and workmanship under our belt, we have no equal for quality and dependability, as well as prompt, accurate execution.

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