Paint Ideas for Baby’s Nursery

Looking for the perfect paint colour options for your baby’s nursery? The moment you found out that you are carrying a little one in your womb, you start thinking about a myriad number of things that you can do to make your baby comfortable when it breathes a new life in this world. The list goes on from choosing a name for your baby to how will you feed them. And then there’s one thing that excites you the most. A baby nursery! Decorating or remodelling your baby’s nursery is the fun part of your baby prep. You can choose professionals who specialise in interior and exterior house painting Calgary to create a relaxing nursery for your baby. If you are wondering what colours you can choose for your baby’s nursery, we’ve got you covered. Here we’ve listed a few colour options that easily transform your nursery into a sleep sanctuary.

Soft Shades of Blue

Our experts of interior and exterior house painting Calgary suggest soft shades of blue for your baby’s nursery because it relaxes both the mind and body. This colour decreases the feelings of anxiety and serves as a calming agent for nervous newborns. It helps you create a sleep-centred space.


Pale Purples

Purple is a mix of the soothing properties of blue and the femininity of pink. It creates a soft and serene atmosphere without looking crass or gloomy on the wall.


According to the professionals of interior painting Calgary, orange is a warm and comforting colour and inspires communication. But it can also be over-stimulating and makes kids hungry. So, add little doses of orange for the best results

Soft Whites

Soft white nurseries are innocent and sweet like your little cupcakes. When you paint your baby’s nursery with soft whites, it evokes feelings of serenity and peace. Go for ivory and antique white to add warmth to space.

Want more help? Talk to our experts of house painting Calgary to know more details on painting your nursery.


By Calgary Painters