You hate the look of your home’s outdated, likely stained and lacquered kitchen cabinets, and you want a fresh, new look. The only problem? You don’t have 20,000 dollars sitting around for new custom kitchen cabinets. So, you think to instead paint your cabinets as a DIY project instead; great idea, right? No, not at all. Let’s be clear: Please, for your sanity’s sake, keep the three letters, D, I, and Y don’t belong anywhere near kitchen cabinet painting.

Three Good Reasons to Never Paint Your Own Cabinets

If you’ve never attempted to paint your own cabinets before, we have a few great reasons why you should just not; you can still paint your cabinets, often they come out looking really great at a fraction of the cost for new cabinets, and certainly that of an all-new kitchen. If you’re in Calgary, just call the professional painting contractor in Calgary to avoid these 3 “nope” worthy DIY downsides:

They Won’t Come Out as You Imagine

If you haven’t painted kitchen cabinets before, then there is almost no chance that your cabinetry is going to come out as you envision. We’re sorry to say it, but it’s almost always true! Your cabinets were made, likely years ago, by a cabinet maker that knew exactly how they were going to finish the cabinets and what level of imperfections in the wood grain would be masked by that finishing; you don’t know any of that. This means, plain and simple, your finished paint job will suddenly show all those imperfections that blended when they were simply stained.

You’re Greatly Underestimating the Work

If you think that you can paint the relatively low square footage that is your kitchen cabinets in a weekend, you are sorely, (so, so sorely) mistaken. Unless you are a master painter, you are in for a rude awakening when you begin the process – or finish, only to realize you skipped or rushed some very important prep work. Speaking of prep work, painting cabinets requires numerous hours of prep work, far more than would be associated with just about any type of wall painting. If you take on this project, you’d better burn a week of PTO and set out some incense to calm the frustration you will almost certainly bring into your life.

Cabinets Aren’t Fun to Work With

Have you ever attempted to fix a leaky pipe under your kitchen sink, and do you remember how uncomfortable it was lying in that weird position, struggling just do the most basic tasks? You’ll have plenty of that as you take on this cabinet-painting project. Your cabinets were not made with re-painting them in mind, so they are just about as cumbersome to deal with as you can imagine. If you keep them on the wall, you’ll be bending and moving at odd angles; take them down, and you’ll soon realize that cabinets are much, much larger than they look on the wall (like, your entire home’s floor is now cabinets large). In any case, at the very least, you’ll be taking off doors and taking out drawers, doing all the work, and replacing them for hours and hours.

Just Let Us Do It

There are very few times we unabashedly recommend a professional painter over a DIY job; typically homeowners can achieve a passable result in a reasonable amount of time versus the pro’s much quicker, more guaranteed result, and that’s fine – but cabinets are different. If you’re hoping to paint your cabinets, save yourself the anguish you’re welcoming in with hours of sanding, annoying fumbling, and re-doing everything when it doesn’t come out as you hoped. Call Calgary Painters to bring in painters that’ll get the job done in a fraction of the time and leave you with much better results.

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By Calgary Painters